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2021 Fashion Sunglasses RAYban sunglasses

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Wherever you store your sunglasses, make sure the mirror is facing up.

1: Folding.In the design of the frame, the left leg is usually folded first and then the right side.

2: Pick and wear.When operating, use both hands to operate, take the mirror leg along the cheek parallel direction pick wear.

3: About cleaning.Wipe it with a special cloth for glasses.However, dry rubbing is not recommended, as it is easy to wear the lens.It is best to rinse with water, and then use a paper towel to blot the water and then use glasses cloth to wipe.Wipe one side of the mirror while holding it in your hand.Do it gently, or it will damage the lens and frame.

4: Regular adjustments.After being worn for a period of time, the frames can deform, putting a strain on the nose and ears, and the lenses can easily come loose.You can fix it yourself or go to the store and adjust it.

5: About placement.The convex surface of the lens must be placed upward for a short time, otherwise it is easy to wear and avoid contact with various chemicals, cosmetics, drugs, etc.Avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures.If placed for a long time, then wrapped with glasses cloth into the glasses box.

Hope you pay attention to the daily maintenance of sunglasses, so as to better care for sunglasses, prolong the life of sunglasses.

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